Being the youngest of 4 siblings, growing up in California, Ron followed his siblings’ lead and trained in gymnastics and dance after school. When he was 8, he and his sister moved to a new gym without a men’s program. Being 8, he still regularly had to tag along and wait for his sister to finish her classes. So after a few months he gave in to his mom’s continued suggestions to try out a circus class that was happening at the same time. Little did she know, he fell in love with it and decided to pursue it as a professional career. 

Since starting off doing Aerial Tissu and Rope with the youth circus at Splash Circus, Ron joined San Francisco Circus Center’s Youth Circus at age 10. There he was introduced to Chinese acrobatics by Master Lu Yi including Hoop Diving, Chinese Pole, Teeterboard, Hand to Hand, and Meteor Bowls. While he went through school, Ron continued his circus training and learned various dance styles including ballet, contemporary, tap dance, and hip hop. He’d also learned how to choreograph.

In 2019 Ron graduated from ENC specializing in Chinese Pole and Aerial Rope. He discovered an approach to circus that combined his dance background with his circus technique in order to create fluid movements and blend the two together.

Since graduating, Ron has worked with Cirque Éloize, as well as participating in multiple circus festivals. He played the male lead, Romeo, with a Chinese Pole solo in Amaluna by Cirque du Soleil.

Ron is currently available for special events, shows, and creations.

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